New Beginnings

The best is yet to come.

Recently I've heard from a few clients that were having a difficult time locating me, and for good reason.  I've moved to a new location!  This is an exciting new chapter, and I'm happy to be sharing it with you.  I've moved to Studio 105 at 105 W. Broadway, and will be meeting clients and conducting studio sessions in this beautiful space!  So feel free to contact me and stop by for a visit.

Recently, I had my first chance to try out the studio while photographing two of the area's finest high school athletes for the Muskogee Phoenix Female and Male Athletes of the Year.  I had been privileged to photograph this talented lady, Leslie, for her senior portraits last Fall, and wasn't at all surprised that she gleaned the top honor.  Here is her story -

Female Athlete of the Year

Here are a few  images from her beautiful senior session...

Then there is Chandler, the Male Athlete of the Year.  He is just one guy, not twins!  I photographed him in both his football gear and golf getup, since his recognition was a result of his involvement in both sports.  If you want to find out how impressive this guy is, then here is his story -

And finally, a familiar face around Muskogee, John Hasler, stopped in while I was photographing these two athletes to watch the process, and got to sit for a portrait as well.  John owns John Hasler Productions and provides audio/video services to Muskogee and surrounding areas.  Some might recognize John as a former news reporter for Tulsa's Channel 8 KTUL.  

That's all for now.  I love my new space!  Come by and check it out...